ICH, SLO-Ch, CR-Ch, ÖCH, JCH, BJSg, BSg Kabinscho of Little Bombardier

Owner: Johanna Fritthum

May I introduce myself?
My name is: Kabinscho of Little Bombardier, I am born on the 28th April 2006 in Holland.
My parents are: Lux. JgCH. Dexter Du Sourire Doux and Int. CH. Godiva of Little Bombardier
Since today I have a new afress: Künigelberg - where I will support Mac, who also talks my language and will translate everything to me, as I don´t understand german right now. I have to finish now as I have to explore the house,

many greetings,



Kabinscho's Title:

Best in Show Puppy Wels 2006
Best in Show Junior group 9, Salzburg 2007
5x A-Juniorwinner
A-Bundesjuniorwinner 2007
A-Clubjuniorwinner 2007
A-Doublechampion 2008
Winner of group 9, Klagenfurt 2009
Res.Winner of group 9, Tulln 2009
A-Bundeswinner 2009
Austria Show Winner 2009
9x res. CAC
34x CAC
10x res. CACIB
10x Best of Breed
Austrian Champion
Croatian Champion
Slowenian Champion
International Champion



Kabinscho's International Champion title

Austrian Show Winner 2009
1st place: Austrian Show Winner 2009

Kabinscho and the bun

Kabinscho already did one mating with success!