FIN-CH Gaston Frenchie vom Künigelberg
Gaston´s Show results:

22.01.2006 Turku, Judge: Victor Raamsdonk ( Kennel De La Parure )
Best male-1, Honour Prize, BOB-puppy
"8 months, very typical puppy, nice pigmentation, good ears & nice eyes, good black mask, nice bone & neck, good topline &  ribcage, good tail & tailset, good angulation in hindquarters, moves very typically."

12.02.2006 Tallinn, Judge: Carlos Saevitch, Argentina
Best male-1, Honour Prize, BOB-puppy
"Excellent type and balance. Excellent head, eyes and ears. Good body. Moves and shows well."

09.04.2006 Kankaanpää, Judge: Marie Petersen
EXC-2, Best male-4
"10 months old male, correct head, good neck & topline, enough chest for age, good coat quality, moves well."

16.04.2006 Lappeenranta, Judge: Soile Bister
EXC-1, Best male-1, CAC, BOS
"Excellent type and size. Very well developed for his age. Very compact male that has excellent topline. Very well  developed head and expression for his age. Underjaw could be a little bit wider. Good body structure and overall. Moves  well. Excellent temperament."

23.4.2006 Lahti, Judge: Mr Dick Baars, NL
Best Male-2 ,Res.CAC
"11 months, excellent type and size. Correct front, but feet could be tighter. Typical head with nice ears, wrinkles and eyes. The underjaw is a bit flat. Nice topline. Bit straight in legs. Movement a bit loose."

13.05.2006 Ruovesi, Judge: Mr Juha Putkonen, Finland
EXC-1, Best Male-1, CAC, BEST OF BREED

"11 months, strong & well balanced junior male. Good shape of head, good  cheeks, dark eyes. Good nose & open nostrils. Good wide underjaw. Very  promising side profile of his head. Very well developed body & chest for  his age. Good roach. Good tail. Good coat & colour. Moves well. Well  placed ears."

20.05.2006, Rauma, Judge: Mrs Marit Sunde, Norway
EXC-1, Best Male-1, CAC, Best of Opposite Sex ( BOS )
"Good type & size. Enough head for his age. Good body & angulation.Very typical mover. Nice temperament."

02.07.2006, BOB

Gaston´s first Puppyshow: VV1!
Gaston´s second Puppyshow:

VV1, Best of Breed, Best of Group IX, 2nd BEST IN SHOW!

Gaston earns his food himself!
Dear Johanna,
 oh, what a day we have had today :) We are so so extremely proud of little Gaston, he is just something so special! This was his first real-dog show, an International Dog Show in Turku, Finland.  We was placed Best of Breed Puppy of 12 puppies and the judge was Mr "De La Parure", Victor Raamsdonk. Before Frenchies he judged English Bulldogs and 1 female and 1 male got excellent out of 30 entries! Also in Frenchies he was VERY VERY strict, all the pied ones got sg and he was very fond of the fawn ones. Gaston got excellent critique and the judge said to Toni after the ring, when we took pictures that " This puppy will be wonderful hope for the future ". Toni also told him that Gaston is out of his own " lines ", Ulrike De La Parure & Hanahaus Bronzed Ossie. Mr Raamsdonk was very pleased to hear that :)
With Best Regards, Noora " the extremely proud Mom of Gaston " :)
Jason and Gaston
26.5.2007 Helsinki, judge Ms Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa
Best Male-1, CAC, BOB - FIN-CH
"Excellent overall. Excellent size & bones. Good square head. Right kind of ears with good ear placement. Dark eyes. Beautiful expression. Good underjaw.  Correct topline. Good shape of body. Strong, well angulated front & hindquarters. Typical movements both front & back, good side movements ".