Moritz v. K.

Manolito v. K.

sleep, sleeeep


Kira in the pool

Stefanie in the ah.. pool

my puppies?

Family Künigelberg

Stefanie and the pug Stefanie is a nanny... letīs see how Chelsie tastes... Gustl and Stefanie
kiiiss mee! Stefanie and Eyke Manolito and his friends Manolito and his friends, part 2
Antifreeze for Gustl Gustl and his small trophy Letīs eat Eyke!! Eyke has survived!
what flies around here..?? kiiiss mee agaiin! we have to rescue him! Mirell v. K.
big white brother in wonderland Hi Babe! in the garden (1)
Mac with big friend in the garden (2) Eyke wants to protect Mac from the monsters Mac does not want to be protected
football... early training... Pug-friends! a drawing of Mac
Macīs Mum posing in Pose Macīs Mum very private Mirell v. K. on a visit! Mirell loves to play...
kisseeees... ...and even more kisses after the show... Stefanie and her bodyguard "Big Bad Black Panther"
Iīm a princess! attack of the bad killer hose! revenge a la Mac! Mac looks like a statue
Fibi likes the snow!? :-) Cesira prefers sunshine :-) Hello Manuel! Macīs Toys...:-)
Wateraction! Sokiīs daughter Ulla wins CACIB and BOB in Finland!! and also Sokiīs daughter Pulla wins in Finland!! Stefanie
Macīs 2nd birthday! Robin and Ilyssa Ilyssa at the Crufts
Ilyssa at the Crufts Jacky and Fibi Mac and Kabinscho Olivia 9 month
We are 5 weeks Not with me! father and son
Ibo and Mac
youngest bully fan
Kabinscho and the bun Girlpower Ophelia watches Erec Gib mir 5