Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Laureola´s Final Countdown

about myself:

I live in Vienna-Hietzing on the Künigelberg. Bevore I come here in 2005 there have already been living Miniature Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs in the house.  The Minis had a litter and I had to play daddy, which I liked very much - you can see that on my pictures!

I also started my "showcarreer" (the early bird catches the worm)!, and this also is big fun, especially as I have been winning already which brings nice attention by the onlookers. You can find my pedigree here. I have already mated succesfully, you can find pictures from my puppies here.

Alright, please look through my site and also visit my friends the Frenchies and the page of my breeder!

Your County


My name is CAIPIRINHA`S MIAMI VICE TUBBS. My friends call me TUBBSY or "suricate" (becaue I like to stand on my hind feet). I was born on the 10th of January 2010.

To supervise the french bulldoggs from Künigelberg is quite a lot of work so I try to help Country a little. Especially when puppies are in the house, Country really needs my support.

Without our guidence those little french bulldoggs would go wild. But to be honest I really like those little fellows. My hairy friends are fun to play with. Only if they try to take my pigears I have to put them in there place.

You should also see my pedigree and last but not least visit my breeders website.

Your Tubbs